What cultural values do the parents try to communicate and why?

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″Compare parents in two texts. Questions to consider include: are the parents from each respective text symbolic or representative for something larger, such as a nation or cultural value? What cultural values do the parents try to communicate and why? Do the parents harm or help their child, and, if so, how? What does the parent’s death or absence represent? Possible texts to consider include: “Tedford and the Megalodon,” “A Rose for Emily,” The Death of Jim Loney, “The Loons,” “Recitatif,” and “The Boat.”″ – http://www.eng.fju.edu.tw/English_Literature/Rose/el-text-E-Rose.htm – another reading is ″the death of jim joney″ by james welch all of part 1 – if its easier, you can just base the essay on the readings i have attached instead of having to look for the readings online

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