Write a paper on the conflict between religion and science.

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Write a paper on the conflict between religion and science. This comes out more clearly in the longer video interview by Bill Moyers where Tyson says explicitly that faith and reason are impossible to reconcile and implies that science is gradually replacing religion by explaining all the mysteries in the universe. The only reason a scientist could rationally be religious, Tyson concludes, is for “emotional fulfillment.” Thus he seems to think that religion is okay as long as it merely a matter of private feelings and is kept out of the public domain of facts.What do you think? Are science and religion necessarily in conflict? In other words, can a scientist rationally believe in supernatural realities and sources of truth like God or the Bible? If not, why not? If so, how? Conflict, Integration, Independence, and Dialogue. You might think science and religion make contradictory claims about the same things (Conflict) or that they make compatible claims about the same things (Integration), or that make claims about completely different things or perhaps that they make different kinds of claims about the same thing (Independence), or that they have something to teach each other, perhaps by clarifying each other’s questions, methods, limits, or meaning (Dialogue).

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