Compare and contrast the United States economy to that of countries in the world Key economic concepts of the United States and other countries

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For your paper, you will select a recent economics topic, issue, event, or economics report to analyze and relate to the basic principles of macroeconomics covered in the course. To write a quality paper, your topic must have sufficient current information (within one year) from at least five quality publications.Your selected topic must relate to macroeconomics. To choose a topic, review the Arnold textbook table of contents contained in the macroeconomics sections. Topic examples could include the following:The Federal ReserveUnemployment at a national levelPovertyInterest rates and inflationThe United States’ business cycles and steps the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government take to smooth out the country’s economyCompare and contrast the United States economy to that of countries in the world Key economic concepts of the United States and other countriesLegalization of marijuana in the United States at the national levelYou may also select a macroeconomics topic that is not covered in the course, but that is of interest of you as long as you can explain and relate it to the basic principles learned in the course. Discuss your idea with your instructor.While the draft is not expected to include all of the points that you will have in your final paper, it must provide enough detail so that the general scope and depth of the final paper is clear. Your final paper must be at least 1,800 words and include six or more credible sources. Two of your sources must be from academic journals.Your first draft must include the following four sections:An introduction that introduces the selected topic and discusses how the analysis was conducted.A literature review that provides a detailed summary of the economic circumstances and facts that serve as the foundation of the economic analysis.A narrative body that includes:An economic analysis that uses the tools developed in the course along with your graphical depiction of the economics applied to your topic. Provide an explanation of the graphical analysis.

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