Compare and critique two different magazine ads.

Compare and critique two different magazine ads. The ads should feature the same type of product but should be taken from contrasting magazines. For example, a dove soap ad can be in a fashion magazine like Vogue and a news magazine like Time.1. Provide an analysis of the content for each ad. How it is constructed, and how it aims to reach a particular audience. Consider the following questions and ideas.What types of appeals and persuasive strategies are being used here? (Refer to Chapter 11 text for ideas.)What types of images are used in the ad? What effects are they intended to have on the audience? Do we see the actual product, or is the company concentrating on selling a brand or an idea?You may want to consider layout/design, text/language, and placement. What grabs your attention in this ad, and why?How exactly does the ad appeal to its target audience? In other words, if your ad is from a men’s magazine, what types of ideas, images, and slogans are used to appeal to guy

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