Based on the information in the plan, create a report recommending at least three options identified in the readings related to training and development that would be effective in helping the employee achieve his or her short- and long-term career goals.

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Complete a copy of the development plan based on the job title in which you are working now or were working in the past. Provide relevant information for all the elements using Lesson 11_Developmental Plan.docx attached. (This template is adapted from Figure 9.2 in the text.)Assume that you are a talent manager. An employee came to you having completed the Individual Development Plan you created in #1. In making choices related to this report, be certain to properly explain why, based on information and evidence in the readings, your choices would be appropriate. At least one of the ideas you address must come from the Sharone reading, Chapter 2 in Flawed System, Flawed Self.Submit one document which includes the Individual Development Plan you created for #1 followed by the report you created in #2. Use source :Noe, Raymond. (2020) Employee Training and Development, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill Education, ISBN 9781260928235

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