What is the study of economics and business?

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What is the study of economics and business?
Question 3 Ethical Behaviour and Corporate Social Responsibility Select a specific company or sector within the maritime industry and compose a reflective essay. In your essay, you will critically analyse and discuss the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), codes of conduct, and policies in the maritime context. Furthermore, you are required to evaluate the challenges that arise in implementing these principles and assess the extent to which they align with the values and ethical behaviour of your chosen company/sector.

It is important that you use relevant examples and relate your own experience to support the response. Consider best practices in your sector as documented in contemporary literature. Make full use of figures and diagrams where appropriate and ensure that you support your answer with references from outside of the taught programme, written in the Harvard style. Note all of your reference list must reflect in your intext citation. Intext citation with respective page number will enhance your score.

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