What organizational change model did the organization select to steer its changeobjectives?

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Organization chosen for this research paper:UBER Objectives• To conduct an in-depth analysis of an organization• To critically evaluate organizational operations• To recommend ways for improvement based on data and insights gathered To reinforce the core concepts related to the subject. The students will have to searchacademic articles related to two contemporary issues facing an organization and write aresearch paper. The aim of this assignment is to develop an in-depth understanding about theissues related to change management, by examining latest academic articles, and otherrelevant content related to the course. InstructionsThe pronounced themes in the unit discussions placed emphasis on the abilities oforganizations to change to which the rates of change were dictated by the environment.Reasons for change are a result of limitations in existing strategies or the need fororganizations to extend its strengths and rethink strategy. Choose a multi-national organization of interest and investigate the following areas:• Contemporary issues facing change management outcomes involve technologyaugmentations, evolving workforces, changing workplaces, competition pressures, andgovernment regulations to list a few; noting the intensities of demands, what were thereasons for change and what were the components of the change strategy?• What organizational change model did the organization select to steer its changeobjectives?• Should the organization have adjusted structure or culture at first, what is the significanceof this sequence to change outcomes?

Do not choose any of the following organizations i.e., Nokia, Netflix, Google, Microsoft. The research paper should be organized as follows:• Introduction• Relevance of the topic (for managing organizational change)• Main Objective/Key Question Addressed• Discussion (organize with appropriate subsections)• Conclusion Format • APA Style formatting required!• 8 academic sources required• Do not use Wikipedia, UK Essays, Study.com, Chegg, Course Hero, and similar homeworkwebsites.

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