Write a research paper on “What is an example of an ethical dilemma in nursing?”

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Write a research paper on “What is an example of an ethical dilemma in nursing?”Create a PowerPoint presentation of a
Designing an Effective PPT*
Presentation must be limited to 5 slides (excluding references) that reflect the following:
place”). Ensure that the scenario is consistent with the definition presented in item #1 above as well as
reflect the practice role of the nurse (vs the physician) (e.g., the nurse does not, generally, order blood

etc. presented in the scenario and the nursing practice standard/law/employer guideline, etc. presented in
the scenario that is in opposition to the former (as this is the nursing practice dilemma).
dilemma in one bold highlighted sentence. Clearly identify peer-reviewed, published literature (i.e.,
journal article, ANA Codes of Ethics, etc.) that supports each of the opposing standards/laws/employer
guidelines, etc. described in the scenario.
google search for nursing ethical dilemmas will result in a zero grade for this assignment.
for both.
literature references as the basis of support for the alternate position (25%).
4 of 8
ethics theory (e.g., rights, utilitarianism, teleology, deontology, etc.) that best supports your decision
(ensure that the relationship between your conclusion and the specific theory is clear) (25%).

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