Write a research paper on the American Government textbook chapter reflection paper.

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Write a research paper on the American Government textbook chapter reflection paper.
Students will complete a reflection paper about a chapter in the textbook American Government. Students may write about any chapter(s) that they want to write about for this assignment, even if it is a chapter that we have not covered in class yet at the time the paper is due.
To write a reflection paper, first choose a chapter from the American Government textbook to read, reflect on, analyze, and explore through writing. Then, plan to write a reflection paper that takes the format of a standard essay. The paper should include an introduction paragraph with a thesis.

Your thesis should contain assertion(s) about the textbook chapter you are writing about. It may help to consider your own reactions to, and opinions about, the textbook chapter that you are reflecting on. What did you think of this chapter? Why was the content important? Did the textbook authors describe the content clearly, effectively, and fairly or was the explanation of the content confusing, ineffective, or inequitable? The paper should include body paragraphs where you present evidence to support your thesis and a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the key points you made in your paper.
The paper should contain at least two full pages of writing (double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point font, with APA citations), not including the Title page and the References page. Students should be citing at least three sources (at least the chapter in the textbook they are reflecting on) for this assignment.

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