Creative captions

Words: 231
Pages: 1
Subject: Write My Paper

Carefully read each story and provide three creative captions for each story. The captions should be a minimum of four sentences in length and should be directly related to EACH OF the article you have read.

1. Rooted in Green and Gold
2. Is comfort the New Couture? Current Baylor Campus Fashion Trends
3. Searching for Sharon Herbaugh
4. Passion Project
5. Letter To a New Faculty Member
6. Courage in Black and White
7. A Fall In Five Scenes
8. Cherry Bombs and Peaceful Praye
9. Seinan Gakuin
10. The Forgotten Community of Sandtown
11. A Place At The Table: In Coversation with Joslyn Henderson A Place At The Table With Joslyn Henderson – Baylor Line
12. The Good News The Good News – Baylor Line

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