Write a research paper on whether you believe they should be recognised as aesthetic objects and works of art.

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In museums, African artifacts are often displayed without paying much attention to their original context. Do you agree that they should be treated in this way as aesthetic objects and works of art? Or do you think there should be alternative ways to exhibit them? If so, what could these alternative ways look like? Use two examples of art works in your answer, one from each of the two sections.
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Section 1
Salt cellar, Sapi Putuguese, Sierra Leone, 1470-1550
Reclining figure, Sapi, before 1550
Crown or cap (mpu) for a men of high rank, kingdom of Kongo, Angola, Democratic Repulic of Congo, Republic of Congo, or Cabinda, before 1674
Cross with pendant of Toni Malau, kingdom of Kongo, Angola or Demoractic Repulic of Congo, cross 19th century, pendant 16th to 18th centuries
Divination tray (opon ifa), Yoruba, before 1659
Royal robe, Ayizo or Yoruba, before 1659
Pendant portrayying Queen Idia, the Iyoba, kingdom of Benin, 16th century
Protective figure depicting of a Portuguese soldier, kingdom of Benin, benin city, Nigeria, 1520-1640
Plaque depicting a palace shrine, kingdom of Benin, Beinin city, Nigeria, 1520-1640
Tusk for an ancestral altar, kingdom of Benin, benin city, Nigeria, 1820

Sculptor and religious specialists of the Yombe (Kongo), nkisi nkonde, before 1878
Attributed to a sculptor of the Vili (kongo), ivory container made for export, 1880-1905
Sculptor of the Mindumu (Kota), reliquary guardian, before 1880
Sculptor of the Ngumba (Fang), reliquary, before 1897
Artists of the kingdom of Bamun, Mandu Yenu (throne of Nsangu) , Cameroon Grasslands style, 1870
Dancers performing with Njoya’s palace, kingdom of Bamun, masks and architecture in Camroon Grasslands style, 1912
Ibarahim Njoya, palace designed for Sultan Njoya, kingdom of Bamun, 1917-1923
Attribution to a sculptor of the Betsi (Fang), head from a reliquary guardian, before 1918

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