Critically examine living standards and economic growth of foreign countries.

Words: 270
Pages: 1
Subject: Economics, Finance and Investment

Critically examine living standards and economic growth of foreign countries.

This assignment will help you become familiar with the following concepts:

Measuring a country’s living standard
Identifying factors that influence a country’s standard of living
Accessing data on a country’s economic growth.
Analyzing factors that influence economic growth.
Task: For this assignment, you are asked to:

Reference data gathered from the Country Report – Data Collection discussion forum where your data should have come from the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom. (Note: Do a Google search on that term to find the website.)
Evaluate the living standards of your country.
Collaborate on results with your assigned group and reach general conclusions for country.
Compare and contrast economic growth between your country and your group.
Summarize your country’s performance in economic growth.
Criteria for Success: Students will be evaluated in three areas (introduction, body, and conclusion). Rubric will be attached to assignment.

There’s a PowerPoint below, along with a sample paper to help you understand what I’m looking for.

Excelling on Country Report.pptx (45.56 KB)
Sample Country Report.pdf (111.58 KB)
APA Essay Edition – 7th Edition

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