Bobby Bonilla

Words: 219
Pages: 1
Subject: Literature

Use this article as your main source:

You can also use this article:

Things to Include and NOT to Include in Details/Body of Paper
Remember you are NOT allowed to include quotes, but paraphrase information from at least two sources one which expresses why this type of contract is a positive and one expressing why these contracts are bad or concerning. Be sure to cite and reference and try to find quality sources for these quotes (sports media; finance/business media, college professors quoted in articles, etc.).

Might fill space talking about the Bobby Bonilla contract and any other similar deferred payment if you can’t fill with Ohtani contract info.
Do NOT drift into making this a paper about Ohtani and his stats or fascination with his being Asian or both pitching and hitting. This is a finance paper and should be focused on the contract, the financial matters in play, key terms, other deferred payment sport contracts and how they were perceived (such as Bonilla’s contract), etc.

Remember the body/details includes facts only. NO OPINION.
In total, use at least 4 articles breaking down the financial value of Ohtani’s contract including proper citations and references.

Theory to Practice: In the theory to practice section, discuss how an improved understanding of this type of Deferred Money contract (Deferred Money is our theory) could help MLB General Managers in their work (the GM work is the practice). 1/3 page or less for this and one paragraph

Key Terms to Define in the Paper (Could Be More Than This) – Use a different source for each, no Wikipedia or dictionary definitions. Use academic journal articles or textbooks. Keep definitions to ONE LINE with citation and reference.

Deferred Money
Discount Rate
Present Value

Place the key terms in the body of the paper in a place that makes sense related to the Ohtani contract info and explain how the terms interact with the contract info. Make this flow naturally rather than seem forced. Define any other key financial terms you use in the paper.

Paper Overview
So, the paper should include:
Cover Page APA style 12 point Times New Roman font (This page doesn’t count in page total)
Intro Paragraph (written after the paper, summarizes paper, ends with strong statement of purpose)
Details (body of the paper)
Theory to Practice (see above – how would a practitioner benefit from having read this article?)
Discussion (your opinion on whether these Deferred Money contracts are good or bad for Major League Baseball).

References page (any fact you use in the paper must cited within the paper itself with a larger, more detailed reference on the References page) This page does not count in the paper total.

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