Develop advocacy Policy, Procedures based on new and every changing best practices -Develop, maintain, coordinate and ensure that the advocacy manual

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Advocacy Directors Duties/My duties

Management Duties: Ensure everyone’s voice is heard at all times.
-Set up every two weeks check in’s:
Case reviews,
caseload check in’s
outreach planning and development
program development.
Ensure the advocate feels supported, asked how they would like to be supported
Address any concerns they have regarding the team, the other staff or my leadership
They set one agenda item for each meeting
– Advocacy meetings-
agenda making,
assigned team building exercises to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to do it
monthly outings assigned to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to do so.
Coordinate special guests(send out email to staff regarding it, send special guests an email with time limit, date, location).
Coordinate an individual to take notes.
-15 Min stand up check in’s every two weeks:
Successes, challenges, program development, outreach needs, projects updates etc for example. (advocates sets this agenda based off their needs during that time)
– Take support calls/briefing/debriefing from team members at any time of the day
-Always be available via phone and email for crisis needs/advocate needs/anser.
-Attend most of all of the team members’ events to support their work.
Give honest feedback, congratulate them
-Collect monthly report/review them/take action/ send to my boss-follow protocol
-Make executive decisions regarding the program and any changes made
-Sign and approve all request off for Sick/PTO/Holiday and birthday (while ensuring there is coverage. Then add it to the calendar to refer to for timesheets.
-Approved flex time request based on time off request for sick and PTO/Vacation while ensuring there is coverage) -Know the process of flex time.
– View timesheets and sign them for every team member cross reference with calendar to ensure they have added the correct information based on their time off requests.

Leadership Duties
-Advocacy Program development -structure,community image,face of the program
-Attend statewide directors meetings in person or virtual(most likely there is a need for travel and expense.
-MOU’s creation and development with community partners when needed. Also update them and get all parties to signed again when time expires
-Develop advocacy Policy, Procedures based on new and every changing best practices
-Develop, maintain, coordinate and ensure that the advocacy manual
-Sit on community boards-People of progression, Lovin’ The Skin I’m In
-Attend leadership events in the community on behalf of Reach.
-Talk about advocacy program to grant funders
-Grants-VOCA, VAWA, SAVS, united way oshkosh, united way fox cities, DCF, Sister’s
(most of these come with an in person panel where you answer questions.
Coordinate with each team member to gather their numbers
Grants will take approximately 5-10 hours to do, this is not counting the time it takes to check the date on dashboard/procentive and with the individual advocate to ensure they are accurate.
Ensure you have all surveys turned in and everyone numbers are in procentive prior to the due date: Email communication and text reminders

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