Create a title that describes something positive about your organization.

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For this assignment, please write a news release based on Raina News Release.pdf Download Raina News Release.pdf. Remember, news releases follow a format. You can find a sample format in the news room here:
If you want a specific example, you can find several news releases, including this oneLinks to an external site.. The release includes a headline, subhead (italic typeface) and a dateline, which appears directly before the lead. The news release ends with ### followed by boiler plates.
While we discussed a boilerplate in class, you do not need to create one for this assignment. Instead, I will you to:
– Use your contact information (feel free to give me a bogus phone number)
– Create a title that describes something positive about your organization
– Write a lead
– Write a dateline
– Include appropriate information (remember, you will need to eliminate irrelevant information and information that you deem too negative). Your job is to be an advocate.
You should also rewrite the information in your own words. Remember, PR people must be good writers, and you can rewrite/write anything, including crafting quotes for people, such as Leslie Sludge.

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