Write a research paper about the 1988 Civil Liberties Act.

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I would be to write about the Japanese interment campus and how Buddhism gave the people hope. The camps had horrible conditions, way over populated, and not a healthy place to live. The only thing these people had was Buddhism.

These teachings provided these people with solace, inner strength, and community. This was the Japanese way of dealing with all the turmoil going on. Another point he hits on is the patriotism by Japanese American buddhists. Many people had conflicting thoughts of their faith, heritage, and American citizenship. Then the Civil Liberties act happened in 1988. It addresses the massive injustice of the Japanese during WWII. It aimed to give 120,000 of these people reparation and an official apology for the relocation. It also looked for japanese who were incarcerated, their families, and the descendants of those who passed away in these camps. This ended up issuing 20k to each surviving Japanese americans who were interned during the war. In all this was a terrible time for the Japanese and really hurt their involvement in America. The sole thing that these people had from their day to day life was Buddhism which is very cool to me. While going through hell, they still have the thought of the Buddha.

A good source would be the American sutra by Duncan Williams

SOURCES: The writer clearly identified, accurately described, appropriately assessed, and correctly cited at least seven relevant sources, both primary sources and secondary sources (2 points max.) For citations you may consistently use either of the two citation systems. The endnote-bibliography system is the default option for those who cannot decide.
THESIS AND OBJECTIONS: The paper included a clear, substantial, and plausible thesis statement or central claim, one that relates to the selected primary and secondary sources. This thesis is easily recognizable to the reader and may include phrases such as “I suggest that…” The writer also effectively anticipated objections to that thesis. (2 points max.)
SUPPORT: The writer used primary sources and secondary sources to effectively support the claim or claims made in the thesis statement. In other words, the scope and focus of the thesis statement fits the evidence actually provided in the sources. (2 pointsmax.)
SIGNIFICANCE: The writer demonstrated an awareness of the most relevant scholarly literature about the topic and showed the significance of the paper’s argument forunderstanding the topic at hand. In other words, the writer answered the “So what?”question, indicating clearly what we now know that we did not before and why that is important (1 point max.).
HISTORICAL ACCURACY: The paper includes accurate historical andbiographical information; it also reconstructs historical context and/or traces change over time (1/2 point max.).
TITLE: The paper has a title that clearly reflects the main point or thesis of the paper (1/2 point max.)
PROSE: The paper is written in clear, correct, and economical prose. At the level of the sentence, the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar are correct; at the level of the paragraph and the paper, it is well-organized and the argument flows from start to finish. (2 points max)

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