Texas Governance

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Choose a topic based on an issue affecting Texas Governance and advocate that an actor within Texas government take action to address this problem. This means that you need to find an issue that you are interested in and take a position on this issue. You will need to address the nature of the issue, what has prevented a solution, the character of the state actor (e.g. the Governor, Legislature, etc.), the action that can be taken and why this actor should take the action you advocate. Your paper is an advocacy where you present your thesis and developing it through supporting argumentation.

The format for the paper assignment is 1 inch margins, double spaced typed text, 12 point Times New Roman Font, include page numbers (please note that your first page of text is page 1 and not the cover page), and include a works cited page (not counted against your page limit). You will write between 800 and 1000 words (3 pages). You will use a cover sheet with your name, title, course information including your section, word count (also not counted against your word limit) and the topic and side you are advocating for. Papers may be written in either first person or third person, but you must be consistent throughout. Many students find it better to remain in third person.

Research beyond class material is required. To properly address this topic, you will need to use source material beyond your own logic and experience. Thus, you will need to include a works cited page. Your use of any references or academic source other than your own analysis needs to be properly attributed in text [e.g. (author year, [p.] #)] according to the Chicago Manual of Style. If you are in doubt on how to use this citation style, contact the Professor for assistance. A works cited page is required but does not count towards your word limit. When quoting, paraphrasing, and/or using the ideas of others, you must include proper citation of the author’s work.
You must utilize a minimum of 4 credible, scholarly sources from outside class such as journal articles, books, legal cases, or government documents. You will lose points if you do not follow these standards.

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