Compare the three categories of negligence found in your chapter and give an example of each that relates to the healthcare system.

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Module 3 Mastery Assessment

AHIMA Entry-Level Competencies:

Domain V. Health Law & Compliance

V.1 Apply legal processes impacting health information

V.2 Demonstrate compliance with external forces

For this assessment, you will be answering very important questions over different topics that are very important in the healthcare field. Be sure to answer in good detail since that is how you will be graded on this mastery. I will be grading it manually. If you passed then you will do the next step and move on. If you did not pass them you need to study a little more and can take it again.

Compare the three categories of negligence found in your chapter and give an example of each that relates to the healthcare system.

Explain the elements of a valid contract; include breach of contracts related to HIM.
There are two main types of law found under healthcare, contract and tort law. These have crucial differences between them. Explain these differences.
Evaluate the three types of torts discussed in the chapter. Define and give an example of each type as it pertains to healthcare.
Medical staff bylaws oftentimes exclude physicians who practice functional medicine from serving on the medical staff. What are the antitrust implications in this instance?

Civil causes of action encountered in healthcare settings are usually based on negligence or intentional torts. This includes the ones previously discussed such as battery, assault, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Improper disclosure of health information could lead to liability. Analyze the different causes of action for improper disclosure of health information not mentioned above.

In the healthcare industry, wrongdoing frequently results in civil liability. However, wrong-doings could also constitute a criminal violation. Discuss in detail the civil and criminal laws that prohibit the improper disclosure of health information.
Dr. George Lucas agreed to have his office remodeled by a local contractor. As they were discussing it they ended their conversation with a handshake. Is this considered to be a contract? If so, what type of contract is this? Is this a good idea to formalize it this way? Why or why not? What problems do you feel might arise? (Be sure you answer each question)

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