What is the largest difficulty facing health workers? Describe in greater detail in a research paper.

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What is the largest difficulty facing health workers? Describe in greater detail in a research paper.1. Population Health Workforce Trends PPT
In Week 1, you were asked to review the Portfolio Project options in the Module 8 folder to choose which option you would like to complete. If you have not done so, you must do that now. You will complete the Milestone option that corresponds to the Portfolio option you have chosen.
For this milestone, you will submit a PPT slide that incorporates a Smart Art feature (these are built right into PPT). If you are not familiar with using Smart Art elements, please review the following info: Art of Presentations.

You will need to review the major points of this module, as well as the previous modules. In your Smart Art element, you need to include a major point from each module thus far:
Why Option #1 is an important issue within population health
How Option #1 relates to population health initiatives covered within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
How Option #1 addresses managing the behaviors of patient populations
How Option #1 relates to advocacy and assistance programs related to population health efforts
You should only use short points within the visual; any elaboration should be placed in the notes section for the slide. No references are required for this assignment.
2. Annotated Bibliography – Workforce
Students should provide the instructor with an annotated bibliography for at least four credible resources (not including the textbook) that will be used in support of the Portfolio Project in Module 8. Each source referenced should be accompanied by a brief (approximately 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph clarifying why the reference is appropriate to the topic being researched. The annotation should inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.
See the CSU Global Writing Center’s tips for Annotated Bibliographies

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