Describe the issue, its background, the population affected, and why people are—or should be—concerned about it.

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Include the following:

Abstract with key words Issue Description
Describe the issue, its background, the population affected, and why people are—or should be—concerned about it. You can incorporate content from your Issue Description assignment.
Proposals to Address the Issue What proposals have been put forward to address this issue? Who has proposed them? Who –which interest groups or other stakeholders—support or oppose these proposals? What, if any, evidence do they give for their positions? If there are several proposals, or several stakeholders supporting or opposing them, focus on the major ones. If the hearing summary was a current hearing (within 5 years) and directly related to the proposal, you can incorporate content from your Hearing Summary. You might agree with a proposal that has already been made, or you might suggest something else, such as a combination of different proposals. (Of course, this depends on the issue, the evidence, and your perspectives).
Recommendations for nursing.

Based on what you have learned about the issue, proposals to address it, and applicable professional nursing positions/actions. Include other relevant actions for nursing role with this policy issue. Provide specific information about current or past nursing action and whether nursing organizations should continue, initiate, or reconsider support, and why?

Include a minimum of 5 references from authoritative sources—these might include congressional websites, peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites and/or reports, white papers, reliable newspaper articles, nursing organization policy stances, clinical practice guidelines, etc. These do not include Wikipedia, personal blogs, or social media posts

Health Equity and Accountability Act, H.R. 7585, 117th Cong. (2021-2022).
Equal Health Care for All Act, H.R. 3068, 118th Cong. (2023-2024).

John Lewis Equality in Medicare and Medicaid Treatment Act, S.1296, 118th Cong. (2023-2024).

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