If the research article does not discuss how the research was funded, say this in your RAO.

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i have added all the links that you will need including the book for the class that will also need.
Step 2 of RAO Assignment:
For Step 2, you will read and summarize the research article that you found for Step 1. Research articles are hard to read. Everyone knows this, but it is still an important skill to learn how to do. This is why we use a Template (or a form) to guide us for what to look for in order to understand the meaning of the research being conducted.
For Step 2, do the following:
Carefully read the research article you found.
To complete Step 2, you will need 2 documents: 1) the Blank RAO form; and 2) the RAO Template.
As you read, complete the Blank RAO form summarizing the article you found. To do this, look at the directions on the RAO Template that explains how to complete the blank form.
Fill in all the relevant details summarizing your research article according to the prompts on the form and on the template.
It is okay to use a Word or PDF document for Step 2.
Once you have finished summarizing all the relevant details, upload the completed RAO to Coursera in the correct spot by the correct due date and time in the syllabus.
More Details for Completing RAO:
Use your best college writing when filling in the relevant details of the research article.
Strive to answer all questions asked on the template. If you cannot find the information, say that. For example, if the research article does not discuss how the research was funded, say this in your RAO. Note that if Jessica (or the TA) CAN find where the funding is discussed, you will lose points in this section of the assignment.
Single-space your writing. Do not double space.
Do not use the language in the Abstract to fill in the details of the RAO. This is the same as cheating. The idea is for you to practice reading scholarly research and practice summarizing the relevant details in a succinct manner. If you use language from the Abstract, you will be awarded a zero (0) for Step 2 of the assignment.
As much as possible, use your own words when summarizing the details. Write in a narrative format. Do not use bullet points to summarize any of the sections of the RAO.
It is okay to quote from your research article in your summary, but if you do, use quotation marks and cite appropriately (i.e., put the page number for the quote).
About quantity: Try to fill 2 pages of single-spaced type, but please do not go over 2 pages. If you do, you will lose points.
Use 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Do not tinker with these settings.

Students will be graded for accuracy of what they describe from their article, as well as the quality and quantity of writing.
Grading Completed Research Article Overviews
Title is correct – Research Article Overview
Leaves the bolded and underlined prompts
Doesn’t go over 2 pages
Single spaces writing
Uses BEST COLLEGE WRITING (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, cite quotes properly)
Doesn’t skip a section
Doesn’t steal language from the Abstract (results in 0 for the entire assignment)
(50 Points)
Fully describes research article in each part of RAO (doesn’t skip a section):
Study Rationale (25 points)
Study Design / Data Collected (25 points)
Literature Review (2 things learned & cites well) (50 points)
Main findings/results/conclusions (25 points)
Criticisms/Opinion (25 points)
(150 Points)
Good connections between research article and CS&K:
Writes about what they are learning from CS&K
Quotes CS&K and cites like this: (CS&K pg#)
Makes a clear connection between CS&K and the research article under review.
Quotes from the research article under review.
Connection(s) are explained well. Make sense.
(100 Points)
(300 Points)

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