Explain in detail any exceptions or conditions that the public should be aware of such as documentary requirements.

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Practice Statements are endorsed Customs policy that your administration uses to administer customs procedures. They are issued to fully inform internal and external stakeholders about the particular procedure/program.

Using the Template Form available on your CUS410 i2 site you must design and draft the Practice Statement with the view that it will be published on your Customs administration’s website and will be printed to hand and mail out in response to inquiries from the general public.

You must :

include an Executive Summary (dot points)
provide a reference to the relevant section of your domestic customs law and any international obligations covering the selected procedure
address the rationale behind why customs offers the selected procedure
explain in detail how the procedure is practiced in your jurisdiction. In doing so you should:
explain in detail any exceptions or conditions that the public should be aware of such as documentary requirements
highlight the key concepts of control and release and any possible or compulsory customs physical examination or inspection procedures
promote the facilitation aspects of the customs procedure in place such as any use of information technology but at the same time also points the reader to any costs or penalties that might arise in the operational setting.
Attach a bibliography/end of text reference list
Your Practice Statement should meet the expected standards regarding both in- text and end of text referencing. Your bibliography will not be considered in your word count.

Within these parameters above you are encouraged to be as thoughtful and creative as possible in creating your Practice Statement.
P.S : The sources must be from only three sources only
1. General Authority of Customs – Doha Qatar
2. World Customs Organization Revised Kyoto Convention
3. world trade organization Trade facilitation

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