Explain which of your derived values will allow glide performance predictions for your aircraft and quantify best glide conditions with specific values.

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For this assignment, you will solve versions of problems from your textbook and create a narrated presentation to report your findings. Present the topic as if you are explaining it to someone unfamiliar with aviation.

The problems you will solve are similar to those at the end of Chapter 5; however, the values will be changed (see below) to keep the problems unique. You can practice with the questions in the book; answer keys are located after the final chapter to check your work.

Solve these problems:

A 10xxx-lb aircraft has an (L/D)MAX value of 9.8; find its minimum drag.
For aircraft weight, enter the first three numbers of your phone number after “10” (For example, if your phone number starts with 412, enter aircraft weight as 10,412 lb).
To find minimum drag, use equation 5.12 from the textbook, also provided here:

If the aircraft in Problem 1 above has a wing area S=2xx ft2 and the value of CL=0.5 at L/DMAX, find the sea level airspeed where DMIN occurs. (We will call this
For wing area, enter your age after “2” (for example, if you are 30, then you would enter S=230 ft2). Note: To solve for
, reference Table 2.1 Standard atmosphere table and Equation 4.4 (Velocity equation derived from the Lift equation).
Find Di and Dp at (L/D)MAX (the formulas are in the table below)
Complete the attached table and plot Di, Dp, and Dt in Excel®.

Once created, utilize your derived table and diagram data to answer the following associated questions:

What are the minimum drag parameters for your aircraft?
Minimum drag value D(min)
Speed VD (min) at which minimum drag occurs
Relationship between Dp and Di at D (min)
What are the maximum lift to drag ratio CL/CD parameters for your aircraft?
(CL/CD)max value
Speed at which (CL/CD)max occurs
Compare answers in A and B and comment on the findings.
Explain which of your derived values will allow glide performance predictions for your aircraft and quantify best glide conditions with specific values.
Explain the origin and effects of aircraft design and operating influences on induced drag.
Explain sources of parasite drag and methods to reduce it.
When doing any math, round to the nearest hundredth value (0.01), always include your units, and show your work for full credit.

Support your work with equations, diagrams, and dialogue as appropriate, and include an explanation of what you are presenting.

There is no minimum or maximum number of slides. You should utilize tools such as Math Type to help with the overall presentation rather than inserting photos of handwritten work. Include an APA-formatted reference slide.

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