Write a paper outlining the technologies found in self-driving electric cars.

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Write a paper outlining the technologies found in self-driving electric cars.

Step 1 Identify the seven main technologies in the autonomous vehicle industry. Analyze the seven technologies using the technology readiness levels listed in step 2
1. Sensors
2. Cameras
3. radar
4. GPS
5. Lidar
6. Software programs
7. Neural networks

Technology Readiness levels. Step 2 write one paragraph for each technology listed above (for a total of 7 paragraphs) applying them to the technology readiness level TRL below.
use technology readiness levels that will apply to technologies above.

using the technology readiness levels.
TRL4: multiple component pieces are tested with one another.
TRL5: Technology undergoes more rigorous testing. With simulations run in environments as close to realistic as possible.
TRL6: Technology has a fully functional prototype or representational model.
TRL7: A working model or prototype of the technology is demonstrated in the environment envisioned for future use.
TRL8: Technology has been tested and “flight qualified” and it is ready for implementation into an already existing technology or technology system
TRL9: The technology has been “flight proven” during a successful mission

After matching the TRL with the technology. Go to step 3

Step 3 answer the question Assess how technology is limiting the emergence of this industry using the case attached.
Autonomous vehicles: technology changes and ethical changes
“USC Marshal. (Harvard business School Press)

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