Describe the main ideas of Christian theology in your research paper.

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Describe the main ideas of Christian theology in your research paper.Essay or Question and Answer format is acceptable. Be sure and write out the question completely. Skip a line and then begin your answer. Remember! These questions are not just about your unsupported opinion. PLEASE UTILIZE THE PROVIDED SOURCES AND SCRIPTURE as you answer and interact with the questions. The questions are broad in some cases but that is to allow you the room to respond as you wish.

Use DRI:
DEFINE: What are the key words, technical words, that need definition? Look at the sentence and pick them out – “doctrine”, “trinity” and maybe “Christian faith”… Whatever you decide.

RESEARCH: That means taking the definition and fleshing it out with concepts from the reading. This is taking the readings as your primary sources – the sources selected for each class are the expert sources for you to use and cite. Be careful using the internet rather than reading.

INTERACTING. Once you have laid a technical academic foundation – then you give your supported opinion. Do not start with your opinion, that is the last step.

Applicable field of study/major to utilize within the essay: Aviation (Airplane Pilot).

In a 2,500 word essay give an account of their mission as it relates to the mission of the God who is Father, Son, and Spirit and has created, reconciled, and redeemed the world. Special attention should be given to the way in which your academic field of study or major (Aviation – pilot) fits with the Christian understanding of God’s call to his people. In developing the essay, you should consider the following questions:
What does it mean to claim that God is triune and how does this bear upon human life?
How might the biblical teaching regarding creation help you understand what your prospective work is for in God’s world?
How will your work impact creation?
How will your work impact other creatures, especially humans?
How might your work participate in creation’s rebellion against the creator or idolatry?
How might your work participate in God’s work to redeem and renew creation?
How could you proclaim the gospel and share knowledge of God in your work?
How could you share in God’s mission of reconciling love aimed at covenant-communion through your work?
What sort of power does your field use and how could that be used for “godly rule”?
How could your work participate in God’s justice (“setting right the world”)?
How could your work bring fruitfulness, peace, life, and human flourishing?
In short, how could your work participate in the mission of the Triune God?

While this is intended to be a personal and reflective essay, its primary academic purpose is to assess your understanding of the course and ability to apply this understanding to your life. So, please demonstrate your grasp of the course by engaging with the course material. The grading rubric describes the general characteristics of an excellent paper (and not-so-excellent papers), be sure that you understand it before beginning to write your paper.

See Rubric for Grading Expectations.

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