Describe Pituitary Dwarfism Skeletal System.

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Descriiption of Pathology:
• Start the paper on a new page.
• In this section, you will describe the pathology (statistics about it, background information, etc.). Give as much information as you can about it but be sure it is relevant information and not just filler. It should be a comprehensive introductory section of the condition in one to two paragraphs.
Normal anatomy of the major body system affected: In this section, you will describe what is considered normal anatomy for your particular pathophysiology. For example, if you are discussing a disease related to the brain, explain what is normal for the brain from an anatomical standpoint. You should show comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental concepts and communicate information using scientific vocabulary. There should be little to no discussion of the condition itself in this section.
Normal physiology of the major body system affected: In this section, you will be discussing physiology. Keep in mind that when describing physiology, it isn’t enough to merely provide a list of functions of the body system (Ex: Neurons send signals throughout the body), instead, you need to be able to describe how it does it. The how is the physiology. There should be little to no discussion of the condition itself in this section
Mechanism of Pathophysiology: This section is likely going to be the most in-depth and longest section. In this section, you will explain your particular pathophysiology from a scientific standpoint. In the previous two sections, you explained what is considered normal, in this section, you should describe what the pathophysiology is doing that is causing these issues, how the normal anatomy & physiology is affected/different in a person with your condition. You should show a thorough understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes contributing to the disease. Some good keywords to search for when doing your research might be “Pathology of __________”, Pathophysiology of __________.”
Prevention: In this section, you will explain how your pathophysiology could be prevented. This should outline possible prevention protocols, or clearly indicate if none is available based on the current scientific literature.

Treatment: In this section, you will explain how your pathophysiology is commonly treated. Provide possible treatment protocols for the condition based on current scientific literature. Be sure to bring in nursing relevant information and how you might be involved in the treatment of the condition.
Conclusion: Finally you should summarize your findings. All good research papers should include a conclusion where you wrap up and summarize all of the important points made in your paper.
• As with the Title page, this should be a separate page by itself.
• All references should be included in correct and complete APA format.
• All references must be cited appropriately in the paper using APA-style in-text citations.
• A minimum of three reputable sources are required for this assignment.
Requirements for Length & Submission
The length requirement for this paper is between 4-6 full pages of content, double-spaced – this doesnot include the Title page and the Reference page (both on separate pages) that do not contribute to page count. Use of images/tables/diagrams will not count for total page number either.
Students will be assigned individual topics related to physiology and pathological conditions of physiological systems by their instructor. You must write your paper based on your assigned topic.
Your paper must be submitted as a PDF (.pdf) or Word document (.doc or .docx). These are the only file types that will be accepted.
Assignment Checklist
Checkbox Sections & Criteria
Title page
Descriiption of Pathology
The body of the paper should include the following sections:
• Normal Anatomy of the body system

• Normal Physiology of the body system
• Mechanism of Pathology
• Prevention
• Treatment
• Conclusion

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