How much time, money, education, and experience does your audience have?

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Pages: 2

What product will you discuss?
How much time, money, education, and experience does your audience have?
Where are they located and what are their working or reading conditions?
How old are they and what are their interests, cultural backgrounds, spoken and written languages?
What are some constraints (road blocks) when reading your review based on the previous questions?
What are some advantages that your audience may have?
Evaluation Criteria:

Based on your audience’s needs, name at least 4 evaluation criteria that you will use to evaluate the product in your Product Review assignment?
Discuss why you chose each criterion based on a specific audience need.
Remember that your evaluation needs to be balanced, so choose criterion that will show the complete picture of your assessment. And remember, do not evaluate your product just yet. Instead choose the topics you will discuss.

Criteria topics you might evaluate include but are not limted to asthetics (color, shape, size, texture), packaging, ease of use, assembly experience, maintenance experience, quality of materials, quality of instructions or tags, experience with the product over time, experience using your product in conjunction with other products, matching up with Amazon product descriiption, customer service experience with product maker, quality of product on arrival, or other ideas that you may generate.

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