Write a research paper on the various forms of political propaganda.

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What are the different types of propaganda in politics?
For this activity, we will be completing a reading assignment, which begins to complicate our understanding of propaganda and considers how we might start to distinguish good and bad propaganda and persuasion. You will follow the steps below to complete the activity:

Read and annotate the following excerpts from the article “Good Propaganda or Propaganda for Good.” (Note: this includes the introduction and concluding sections of the text. There are a couple small lingering sections in the middle which have been crossed out. Just skip these parts and move to the final sections)
Good Propaganda or Propaganda for Good
Once you have read and annotated the article, you will claim a slide in the Google slide show below and share your responses. You will include the following in your slide (you can also find instructions on the first slide of the deck).
Pratkanis, notes that there is a distinction between good and bad propaganda and that there are positive uses for influence. He provides some commandments for “good” propaganda.

Now, you will consider what you think distinguishes good and bad propaganda and create a slide in this shared document. In your slide, include:
A quote that stood out to you and why it stood out to you. How did it help you understand the text?
A list of qualities You think defines positive or beneficial propaganda or influence
A list of qualities You think defines negative or harmful propaganda or influence
Avoid repeating Pratkanis’s definitions. Make sure to place your definitions in your own words and consider what you may add to his definitions.
Be creative in your formatting feel free to include images etc…
Make sure to include your name
Make sure your responses are unique. While you will not be formally responding to your peers, you should be reviewing their slides to ensure that you are adding a unique perspective to the conversation.

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