Write a research paper on the topic “Policy analysis: advantages and disadvantages.”

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Write a research paper on the topic “Policy analysis: advantages and disadvantages.”This week, discuss how your target population would benefit from changes to a social policy.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Choose one to respond to for the discussion this week.

What changes to this social policy would you like to see? In what ways would that improve the lives of your oppressed population?

Share how you anticipate the life of a specific person or family would be improved as a result of the changed social policy. What might the ripple effect be of this improvement?

Explain how your culture, background, and/or experience shapes your thinking about the benefits of social policy change. Offer some specific examples.

Explain which of this week’s concepts, resources, or activities is of most interest to you and your professional development. Offer some specific examples.

Please note:

Do not create your post as a reply to the pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig’s Create option to create a new post.

Remember to practice the use of APA style for citations and references throughout the discussion activities in this course. All information not derived from your own knowledge or experience should include an in-text citation and a reference at the end of the post to show the reader where it came from.

Attaching an article, video, podcast, meme, et cetera, as part of your post is always a good idea, but remember that you will need to write sufficient text in the post to meet the required point total for the post. Points will not be earned for merely attaching the resource and submitting a post without any descriiptive text.
Required Books
Rinfret, S., Scheberle, D., & Pautz, M. (2023). Public policy: A concise introduction (2nd ed.). CQ Press.

Benefits of Policy Change

To address the issue of Redlining and Housing Inequality, changes to social policy are crucial in order to uplift the affected population and mitigate the long-standing disparities. One significant change I would like to see in social policy is the implementation of comprehensive housing policies that prioritize equitable access to affordable and safe housing for all individuals, regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

By ensuring fair and inclusive housing policies, the lives of individuals and families impacted by redlining and housing inequality would significantly improve. For example, consider a specific family living in a historically redlined neighborhood characterized by substandard housing conditions and limited access to resources. With improve housing policies, the family would have the opportunity to access affordable and quality housing options in diverse neighborhoods with better amenities, improved infrastructure, and higher-quality schools.

The ripple effect of this improvement would be substantial. With access to better housing, the family’s overall well-being would improve, including their physical health, mental health, and economic stability. Children would have access to better educational opportunities, leading to improved academic outcomes and future prospects. Additionally, the revitalization of previously neglected neighborhoods can stimulate economic growth, attract investment, and create employment opportunities, benefiting the broader community.

As someone who has witnessed the impact of housing inequality firsthand, it has shaped my thinking about the benefits of social policy change in this area. I have seen the profound impact that inadequate housing can have on individuals and families, perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality.

Changes to social policy that prioritize equitable access to housing are essential for addressing redlining and housing inequality. By improving access to affordable and safe housing, individuals and families can experience improved well-being, economic stability, and opportunities for upward mobility, ultimately contributing to a more just and equitable society.

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