Do you think Chipotle is a successful company?

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Pages: 1
Subject: Business

Read – Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. – Food with Integrity.
Watch the two Chipotle videos, i) The Complete History of Chipotle in 3 Minutes, ii) Chipotle – Back to the Start. Please see links below.
Complete a Case Analysis using the template and tools provided in the Strategic Analysis and Action text. Use the framework outlined on PICTURE. Focus on the Environmental Analysis and Resource and Capability Analysis tools as discussed in CH3-6.

Q1 – Do you think Chipotle is a successful company?
In one paragraph, approximately 3 – 4 sentences, use one of the tools outlined in the “Assessing Performance” section of Chapter 1, page 3-5 and provide one reason you believe Chipotle is or is not a successful organization.

Q2-How does Chipotle compete?
Using Porter’s terminology, we can agree that Chipotle uses a positioning strategy of differentiation. In one paragraph, 3 – 5 sentences, provide evidence that Chipotle currently uses this strategy to compete.

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