Discuss the wage gap between men and women in the Canadian workplace(Financial sector).

Words: 52
Pages: 1
Subject: Economics, Finance and Investment

The purpose of the essay proposal is to assist you with focusing and refining a topic for the essay assignment. The proposal should define your topic, highlight your main goal, be typed in complete sentences, about two pages in length (no more than three, please), double-spaced and include at least five potential references (on a separate page) that will be used for the development of the essay.
References should be current and, wherever possible and appropriate, Canadian.

1) Research and write about a specific case of an individual challenging some form of discrimination in the workplace. Describe the situation, how the problem was defined, how they handled it, how it was handled by the media perhaps, the courts (if applicable), the employer, etc. Discuss why they were successful or unsuccessful – perhaps as might be predicted by some of the theories and models that we will read about in this course.

2) Examine some form of legislation or court decision using an equity analysis:

The newest version of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.
Bill C168 (Occupational Health and Safety Act).
Landmark decisions made at the Supreme Court of Canada and or the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
The implications of gender identity/expression as the most recent protected grounds (human rights legislation).
The impact of higher minimum wage? Living wage? Basic Income?
Programs that address the gender wage gap.
Canada’s progress on equity initiatives in the areas of employment.
Recent changes to the EE Act and the review currently underway.
Policies that address the growing prevalence of precarious work.
3) Think about your own career aspirations. What do you anticipate your workplace will be like, given what you’ve learned from the program so far, your work experiences, research, etc? Consider the barriers that people might encounter in your field (aviation, commerce, HR management, finance, etc.) and present an analysis that includes practical solutions…

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