Write a research report outlining whether or not viewing TV sitcoms is related to having children.

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SPSS Questions
Chapter 7
Using the CollegeStudentData.sav file, do the following problems. Print your outputs after
typing your interpretations on them. Please circle the key parts of the output that you discuss.
7.1 Run crosstabs and interpret the results of chi-square and phi (or Cramer’s V), as discussed
in Chapter 7 and in the interpretation of Output 7.1, for: (a) academic track and marital status
and (b) age group and marital status.
7.2 Select two other appropriate variables; run and interpret the output as we did in Output 7.1.
7.3 Is there an association between having children or not and watching TV sitcoms?
7.4 Is there a difference between students who have children and those who do not in regard to
their age group?
7.5 Compute an appropriate statistic and effect size measure for the relationship between
academic track and evaluation of social life.
Make Sure to:
1. Attach your word document for review and grading. Other file formats are not
accepted and will not be graded. Use the following filename format:
2. Include an APA title block with your name, class title, date, and the assignment number.
3. Include a table of contents and a reference section. Number your pages in the footer
along with the date. Include a header starting on page 2 with the Course and
assignment number.
4. Write the problem number and the problem title as a level one heading (Example ‐
A.1.1: Chapter 2, Problem 2.1, and then provide your response.
5. Use level two headings with short titles for multi part questions (Example ‐ A1.1.a,
Short Title, A1.1.b, Short Title II, etc.)
6. Use appropriate level headings for key elements of your discussion such as Research
Questions, Hypotheses, Descriiptive Statistics, Assumptions & Conditions,
Interpretation, Results, and others. Your goal is to make your analysis easy to follow
and logical.
7. Ensure that all tables and graphs are legible and include a figure number.
8. Carefully review your document prior to submission for formatting, flow, and
readability. Keep in mind that running the statistical tests is only the first half of the
challenge; you must be able to clearly communicate your findings to the reader.

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