Discuss Soil and Agriculture Exploration Activity.

Words: 324
Pages: 2
Subject: Environment

1. Watch the documentary “Kiss the Ground” the password will be shared with the assigned writer.

The link is https://bigpictureranch.vids.io/videos/119ddcb71c12e9ce98/kiss-the-ground-for-schools

2. Answer all of the questions in SHORT ESSAY form. Short essay answers are composed of multiple sentences in paragraph format unless otherwise specified. For full credit, always FULLY EXPLAIN what you mean. Please use the words that make up the question in your answer.

Q1: Define what is meant by traditional, industrial, and sustainable agriculture practices?

Q2: How do regional differences in soils affect agricultural practices. Choose two examples from the book and explain.

Q3: List and explain the effects of conventional tilling and industrial agriculture on soil health?

Q4: List three possible agricultural solutions mentioned in the documentary and explain their benefits for soil health.

Q5: Is the use of grazing animals a good solution for desertification? Explain how grazing can be used to improve soil health.

Q6: LIST three moments (other than the ones listed for answers above) during the video that surprised or impressed you while watching the documentary. THEN, EXPLAIN why you felt this way (Relate this to your understanding of soil and agriculture).

Q7: Which SINGLE sustainable agriculture practice (from the text, video, or your own research) do you think is the most important to implement in the future to encourage better soil health? Why? (This is an opinion piece – pick ONE sustainable practice and provide several reasons for why it is the most important)

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