Discuss exactly what cryptocurrency is and why it may be acceptable-Provide your proposed checklist.

A national business is considering accepting cryptocurrencies from its customers for services that it renders and products that it sells.

Can you design and explain a proposed procedural bullet-point checklist that sets forth how the company can accept one or more cryptocurrencies?

1. Discuss exactly what cryptocurrency is and why it may be acceptable.

Review these articles:

*The Ether Thief

*The Thief Who Stole $50 Million

*An Anatomy of Crypto-Enabled Cybercrimes (after clicking on the link, click Open PDF in Browser)

Explain the scenario that The Ether Thief articles discussed and what you learned from the issues raised in the articles. What cryptocurrency issues and information should the leader of this national company know about?

2. Provide your proposed checklist.

3. Your proposal should include a discussion of whether the company should accept cryptocurrencies. What are the ethical implications for the company?

All Responsive Posts: Identify points made in the articles that were not addressed in the initial posts made by other students; use your responsive posts to present additional ideas.

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