Write a research paper about the qualities of a successful individual.

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Write a research paper about the qualities of a successful individual.After watching the video about 8 traits of successful people. My classmates and I had to answer the following questions: 1. Do you agree with the 8 traits? 2. Which of these traits do you think is most important? 3. Place in order of importance the 6 skills that were discussed. Below you’ll find 2 classmates’ response to the discussion board. Please respond to each classmates’ reply. Reply from Amanda With the eight traits that were just discussed, I agree with all that were listed. Mostly the one that stood out was the number one main constant in all interviews that he had with successful individuals. That trait is passion. Without that drive or ambition, you will get nowhere. You will either remain at an impasse or give up altogether. As well as the persistence. As mentioned, success does not happen overnight, you have to make that effort on a daily basis. Even if it takes as long as years. It reminds me of the true story of a man named Chris Gardner. He struggled day in and day out with taking care of his young son while facing the challenge of being homeless. He persistently made the goal to find a job of being a stockbroker. He showed all of the traits that were mentioned and he eventually reached his goal and made his life into a success. His story was so inspiring that they made it into a cinematic film which many working class people can relate to and to cheer for his achievements. With those traits, if if you really pursue it while having the emotional capacity, you can achieve many things. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall into anything. There were other traits that were mentioned and based on my personal opinion, these are what is important. Analytical skills, management skills, creative skills, people skills, technical skills, and computer skills. Reply from Esperanza This was a great TED talk. The eight traits of successful people included: Passion, love what you do, I certainly can say in the field I am in now, rehab, I have a passion for it and love the positive outcomes seeing the residents improve from a debility to the highest potential they can reach and knowing I had a small part in that positive outcome. I believe in all the eight traits, working hard being the second, success is not achieved by sitting back and expecting all things to come to oneself, you must take the initiative and work hard towards those goals if you wish to be successful. Focus on one thing, I surely can agree with this, one goal at a time, allows a person to become successful, even through the trials that may come while moving toward that goal. Keep pushing yourself, even when doubt sets in. Life is full of struggles and challenges, “great things never came from comfort zones”(Neil Strauss). I believe the most important trait for me would be “Keep Improving” focus on your own personal growth and journey, maintain your strengths, and values, keep working on always trying to improve yourself whether in a job, or task. “There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that , once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality”-(Anthony Robbins). I would place in order of the six skills this way: People skills, without this a person will struggle in learning to communicate with different people in various areas. People skills give us a way to communicate effectively. Technical skills are important, this skill allows us the ability to learn and have the knowledge to perform job tasks needed in any field of choice. Computers skills is needed in most professions now, so it is a must to have the knowledge or some knowledge and understanding of this skill. Analytical skills is the ability to deconstruct information into smaller categories in order to draw conclusions,(Wikipedia.org) something that is highly needed in medical coding. Management skills are competencies that help managers better lead, motivate, organize, schedule, plan, budge, and problem-solve (Betterup.com). Creative skills are something I use in my daily work, coming up with different ideas to assist a resident to achieving their goals to discharge successfully and as independently as possible. Creative skills are learning how to problem solve or come up with an idea differently. Generating new ideas.

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