Write a summary report on your social media engagement based on your reflection on the weekly social media journal.

Assignment Question

Assignment Description

8-10 pages (minimum full 8 pages), excluding the reference page

First, you will offer a summary report on your social media engagement based on your reflection on the weekly social media journal. What social media platform(s) were you active on and what kind of content did you consume and engage with the most? What factors influenced your social media consumption (technological features, popularity with peers, platform culture, etc.)? How did you engage with the content? What kind of activities did you engage in on social media? How do you assess yourself as a social media user?

You must answer these questions as you reflect on your social media behavior and practices documented in the weekly journal. The report portion of the paper should not exceed three pages.

Second, you will further examine the two topics from class that piqued your interest the most and explain why those topics are worthy of further investigation. Identify the key points, arguments, debates, and insights from the readings that connect with your thoughts on those chosen topics. Based on your reflection and your social media analysis, you should end your paper with a final statement on what you think is a meaningful social media engagement and the pleasures and struggles you experience in the process of that social media engagement.

You are welcome to use outside sources, but you must engage with at least five class readings to support your argument in this final paper. • Engage with the readings meaningfully (not a simple quote drop) and ensure accurate representation of the authors’ viewpoints and arguments by avoiding misquoting or taking quotes out of context in your analysis.

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