Write an article that reports on an early childhood topic.

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Assignment Question

The purpose of this assignment is to write an article that reports on an early childhood topic. Early Childhood Australia produces a publication called Every Child magazineLinks to an external site. (Early Childhood Australia Inc, 2020) that is written for the profession and has a practical focus. It includes 500-word (one-page) and 1000-word (two-page) articles written by academics, teachers and early childhood practitioners.

This assignment offers a real-world example of work that early childhood teachers might undertake as you write a report for this publication. You do not have to actually publish the article; however, it will help you communicate understandings of a key issue related to the unit to your peers in the profession. This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 5 and 6. Using the skills, knowledge and understandings you have gained from the discussions, readings and content in the learning materials, choose one of the following five topics as the subject of your Every Child article. Digital technologies in the 21st-century for preschoolers.

Every Child articles will be included in the essential readings throughout the unit to give you examples of how they are written and illustrated. Article format and structure Use a program of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe Spark Page) and the following guidelines to prepare your article: Use clear and concise writing. Include an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention. Use clear headings and dot points. Use a communication tone appropriate for the ECE profession. Illustrate with quality images/illustrations. Format the writing in a newsletter-style with columns, and larger headings. Write in a friendly but professional manner, rather than a strictly academic style. Every Child aims to present a bright and attractive magazine that will entertain as well as inform. Use a key quote in the article to highlight a key idea. Include a conclusion that closes the topic Supporting resources The following resources will assist you with completing this assignment:

Topic ideas. Every Child magazineLinks to an external site. (Early Childhood Australia Inc., 2020). As a Swinburne student, you have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud – see Free Adobe Creative CloudLinks to an external site.. 5.6 Speculative futures: Adobe Creative Campus contains further information and support on using the Adobe suite of programs. The Academic writing and presentingLinks to an external site. a section of the Student Hub. ReferencingLinks to an external site. (this includes guidelines on how to cite and reference ACARA and EYLF).

Assignment support in the Academic practiceLinks to an external site. section of the Student Hub

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