Prepare a homework about Nestle Pakistan ; Internal Analysis-Identify 3-5 competencies your company excels

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prepare a homework about Nestle Pakistan ; Internal Analysis ● Core competencies and VRIN:

Identify 3-5 competencies your company excels at. ○ Conduct a VRIN analysis to find out which of these competencies are more likely to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

● Benchmarking: ○ Take the key success factors you explained above and rate your firm’s and main competitors’ key resources and capabilities to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

● SWOT: ○ If you carried the above analyses properly, there would be no need to do additional research for SWOT. You can detect O&Ts from the various external analyses you have conducted previously and S&Ws from VRIN, KSF, and competitor analysis. Use SWOT as a way to summarize the current situation of the company. AND – Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

● Here first describe how your company is exercising corporate social responsibility (CSR). In what ways, if any, the CSR activities have improved the company?

● Then, explain what the company does to be/seem ethical. Have there any actions in the past the company has taken that may be questionable or may be even illegal? 11m informations should be acc. to 2023 3 pages

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