Write a research paper on the number of varieties of pop culture analysis.

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Write a research paper on the number of varieties of pop culture analysis.Develop: Infographic or Timeline Evaluation Title: Kinds of Pop Culture As media grows and changes, we incorporate the new forms of communications into popular culture. However, the previous communication methods continue to be used as well. Your assignment this week has two parts: First, you will create a timeline or infographic to address the following questions: Research and provide examples or comparisons that demonstrate these changes over time from each of the categories: Print, Radio/Music, Cinema, Television, and the Internet. Include images of each artifact. How have these various forms of communication have evolved since they were first introduced? (Give a “before” and “after”) Second, you will write a mini-statement answering the following question. In 300-500 words, give your opinion: Will pop culture ever stop using a form of media? Why or why not? Specifications: You will submit an Infographic or timeline in response to part 1 with an accompanying mini-statement to address part 2. Your infographic will be submitted as MS Word document or if you use an online infographic creator like the ones listed below you can submit your infographic as a URL. Your accompanying mini-statement can be included on your infographic or submitted separately as an MS Word document. For full points use at least 2 references. In-text citations of sources and references in proper APA style are included with no errors. Helpful tips: Here are a couple of perfect tools to use to create your infographic for this assignment! You can open a free account at https://venngagLinks to an external site.e.com/Links to an external site. or to an external site. to make your infographic. Prezi Links to an external site.would be a good tool to use for your infographic as well. Here’s a great example of a Prezi timeline template:

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