Discuss about American Indian or Alaska Native tribe in one circumscribed geographical area.

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Discuss about American Indian or Alaska Native tribe in one circumscribed geographical area.Use rubrics (headings) to separate the sections and subsections of your paper. These should clearly indicate the topic that each section covers. When citing sources, avoid long quotes; instead, paraphrase to demonstrate you have understood the content. Also, avoid saying saying, “I believe….” Instead, provide evidence to convince the reader, including examples from the sources you have found independently – that illustrate your points, in reference both to the specific Indigenous group you are discussing and to others for comparison. USE APA CITATION FORMAT At the end, provide a correctly-formatted list of the sources that you have cited in the text. – You should have at least ten sources for the Consultancy Project, could be more. – The Consultancy Project should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words, including the list of works cited. Beware of focusing too much on the specific details of the community; while it is important for you to provide some background context, the point is to use your case study as an opportunity to showcase your understanding of key course concepts by discussing how those concepts apply to your particular case study. 4.b. Consultancy Project II: Company-community engagement. Imagine that a particular Indigenous community is facing a potential industrial project on their lands, and that a local, urban-based non-governmental organization (NGO) is acting as an intermediary between the local community and the company planning the project. The NGO has hired you as a consultant to help them advise the company on how to design an effective and ethical company-community engagement strategy. (The project is hypothetical; you do not need to identify an actual project.) Prepare a report for the NGO. Be sure to integrate the following topics (each of which corresponds to a topic presented in the second half of the semester): – The history of environmental injustices experienced by the Indigenous group, and disproportionate impacts on subgroups within the community; – Concerns that the community may have about the industrial project; – Best practices for the company to follow (FPIC, CSR, SIA), and complexities of achieving each; – What IBAs are, whether a suitable one could potentially be negotiated, and if so, how; – Particular considerations regarding Indigenous women and how the company could address those issues; – Regulatory processes and/or international law relevant to the industrial project; – Allies the community is or could be working with to resist the project, and considerations within those alliances and that resistance. The topics do not have to be presented in this order, but each should be discussed in a logical place at some point in your report. Use rubrics (headings) to identify each topic. Keynotes : Pick an actual NGO that applies to the tribe in question. Dive into the history a little, including injustices the tribe has faced, and how they they affect the approach in which the company should interact with the indigenous group Extractive project; can be renewable energy for this section – Regulatory processes and/or international law relevant to the industrial project; relevant laws include: CAA, CWA, ESA, UNDRIP, AND UNESCO – THESE ARE only some EXAMPLES Also, considerations: regulatory standards ( law) vs community standards values what environmental/ human right laws does the company need to abide by?

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