After reading the text and watching the video below, discuss your perspective on the use of biomedical therapies to treat psychological problems? When should they be used or not be used?

Assignment Question

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to dive deeper into a topic related to this module. It is designed to help you refine your research skills and to help you make connections between the topic and the material presented in your textbook. Now that you have read the chapters, completed the quiz, and completed the Reflecting on your Learning assignment for this unit, it is now time to apply what you have learned. The topic of this assignment is on the use of biomedical therapies to treat psychological disorders. In this assignments, you will also develop and apply knowledge to evaluate the credibility of information. The use of biomedical therapies such as pharmaceutical drugs and electroconvulsive therapy as treatments for various psychological disorders is a controversial issue. There is no doubt their use has been a breakthrough that has brought relief to many who suffer from mental illness. However, concern exists that therapeutic drugs are often over-prescribed with out full understanding of the consequences. Your job is to search the internet to familiarize yourself with this issue. You should gather information to address the following: After reading the text and watching the video below, discuss your perspective on the use of biomedical therapies to treat psychological problems? When should they be used or not be used?

Do a Webquest to find and post information that addresses the following: In terms of “efficacy”, what does scientific research suggest is the difference between these kinds of treatments and traditional psychotherapy ? What are some of the concerns with regard to the use of pharmaceutical treatments to treat psychological disorders? What are the benefits? Describe how these topics apply to topics covered in chapter 13 or 14. Post a question to stimulate discussion on your topic. Finally, reply to one post from your classmates. In this reply, you should evaluate the resources they have posted using the “CRAAP” test. Are the sites credible? Why or why not? (+2 extra credit points possible, but you must reply to a post that has not yet received a reply) Here is a quick tutorialLinks to an external site. on how to evaluate the credibility of information from various sources using the CRAAP test.

Note- On this discussion board, you will have access to a SWC librarian (Naomi Trapp Davis) who will participate in this discussion board and help you with making sure you are using credible resources from the internet!

Here is a link to a SWC library page. dedicated to this class that has resources to help you evaluate the quality of information and gather information from reputable sources. 24/7 Ask a LibrarianLinks to an external site. – This service is available 24/7 and it’s staffed by SWC librarians and other librarians who have our local information. It’s a great place to go for your students to get the basics about library databases and how to research the biomedical topic this week. Librarians have Master’s degrees in research, and they love to help with any question! 2) Course Research Guide for PSYCH 260Links to an external site. This guide contains information about how to get started and why the databases are an excellent academic research tool for their Webquest this week. Also, my name and email address are posted on the guide on the left hand side and your students should feel free to contact me with questions or to make a brief zoom appointment. As always, be sure to substantiate your ideas with references to reputable resources. Here are a few videos to get you thinking about the topic.

Helpful Videos: Format Requirements incorporate findings from at least two internet sites. number each part of your response to the prompt include an appropriate “in-text citations” and a APA style reference. section indicating where you obtained your information 300 words minimum Remember, that this assignment is a WebQuest and should summarize information you collected from reviewing various sites on the internet. It should not just be a summary of the video. Refer to the grading rubric to see how points are given.

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