Write a research essay discussing, How do drugs affect teens?

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Assignment Question

The Research Essay

The next step in our college level writing course is the documented research Essay. So that the research maintains the internal logic of the course, you should approach your research topic through one of the six major subject areas we have addressed thus far in the course: Communication and Media Studies, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Linguistics/Socio-linguistics, and Literary Studies. Make sure that you choose a topic that truly interests you.

The Research Question: How do drugs affect teens?

General Requirements: The research paper must be 12-15 pages, typed, double-spaced, plus a works cited page, MLA documentation style. Prior to submitting the final draft, you are required to submit the research materials as outlined on the point record sheet on the appropriate due dates. The research paper must demonstrate your ability to evaluate and incorporate research material into your own writing, as well as demonstrate critical thinking about the topic.

Specific Requirements: 9 minimum Sources: 4 periodicals (including 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and 1 general periodical) 2 books (eBooks are acceptable) 1 website (not wikipedia) 1 interview (one you conduct) Pretend doing one on a high school teacher 1 optional source ( periodical, book, podcast, TED Talk, etc.)

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