What tests used to determine the nature of your micro-organism (acid-fast staining, culture and sensitivity, etc.)?

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Assignment Question

Microbiology Assignment Prezi Presentation PROJECT EXPECTATIONS: Prezi Presentation about your assigned micro-organism Research your micro-organism In your Prezi, include:

A picture of your micro-organism The characteristics and/or morphology of your micro-organism What tests used to determine the nature of your micro-organism (acid-fast staining, culture and sensitivity, etc.)?

Patient clinical findings associated with this micro-organism exposure (fever, description of cough, lab values, certain distinctive smells or colors, etc.) What isolation procedures and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do you need to use when treating a patient infected with this microbe.

How do you treat respiratory equipment that has been in contact with your micro-organism (equipment processing procedure)? Any other tidbits you want to include about your micro-organism List of references (a minimum of 3 references) used when collecting information on your micro-organism. At least 1 (ONE) needs to be a PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE that you found through the data bases at the Kettering College Library Present your Prezi to the class.

The presentation should be between 3-5 minutes in length Remember, you are teaching your classmates everything they need to know about this micro-organism Quick Reference Guide Make this quick reference guide one page (can be front and back if needed) Make this in color Name of the micro-organism Presented by (insert your name) Have a place for your classmates to write in the important information. You can select how this looks, but an example would be a concept map with headings. Assigned Micro-organisms

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