Description of how information from the review can be applied to solve a problem Suggestions for future research about your topic

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More directions and must used refrences in the pdf Write a 1,200-1,500 word literature review that attempts to answer your original research question using evidence from at least 8 scholarly sources (5 of which must be empirical research articles) that are directly relevant to your question. For ideas on how to construct an argument that will support your thesis, carefully examine the literature review sections of your research articles. Please note that if you believe you need additional articles in order to adequately answer your research question, you are welcome to read and cite articles that were not included in your original reference list. All references must be appropriately cited in the text and included in an APA-style References section; if you use citation management software (e.g., Zotero), be sure to double-check the citation to verify that the information is correct and formatted appropriately.

Since this is the first draft of your paper, your grade will be based on the presence/absence of each component below – please see assigned points per component. However, if your paper is under 1,200 words points will be deducted based on how many words are lacking. Please use the below outline along with the attached final draft grading rubric to guide the development of the rough draft of your literature review. Additionally, you should include headings throughout your paper to clearly organize your review. You can use the bolded words from the outline as your headings. No direct quotes are permitted in your literature review. You must paraphrase everything you pull in from your sources. And don’t forget to provide an in-text citation for every paraphrased section. Outline Title Page – 1 point Introduction Problem or Topic Statement – 2 points Significance of the Topic – 2 points Research Question – 4 points Definitions of Key Concepts or Terms – 6 points Research Findings – 20 points Conclusion – 10 points Proposed answer to the research question, based on the research findings Brief summary of evidence supporting your answer to the research question Description of how information from the review can be applied to solve a problem Suggestions for future research about your topic References Page – 5 points.

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