Do you feel we are more “connected” than in the past or less? Do you feel we are happier due to the new connectivity or less happy? Why?

Words: 428
Pages: 2
Subject: IT management

Assignment Objectives

Learn to locate, evaluate, and ethically use sources in support of an argument Learn to organize an effective argument that addresses its opposition Continue to practice MLA-style citation of sources For this 300-word project, I’d like you to start by considering the general subject of online connectivity (think Facebook, Instagram, even texting) and whether you think it is impacting us in a positive way or not. Start brainstorming by thinking about these questions:

Do you feel we are more “connected” than in the past or less? Do you feel we are happier due to the new connectivity or less happy? Why?

Use one of the techniques you find helpful–such as listing, freewriting or mapping– to do this part of the assignment. Also be sure to check out the file of sources for this assignment to get ideas, inspiration, and facts. You are required to use at least two credible sources for this essay; one of them must from those I have posted. After giving the subject some thought, your next job is to focus down on some aspect of this general topic—for example by looking at the new connectivity’s effects on women, children, the elderly, politics, sexual behavior, etc. or a specific platform like Facebook or Snapchat.

You then need to take a position in your essay, which will be your thesis, and persuade your audience to share your view. Be sure to offer support for your position in the form of personal experiences and observations, specific examples, and use two sources, and at least one source from those listed. Also don’t forget to acknowledge the opposition to your beliefs. Your project will likely be easier if you outline and organize your ideas and evidence before you start to write your first draft.

Remember you need to cite all sources you use –quoted or paraphrased—where you use them in your essay as well as on an MLA -style Works Cited entry at the end of your paper. Be sure to supply a word count at the end of your paper. on;y one (source)

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