Write a research paper about the value of eyewitness evidence and address its implications.

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Write a research paper about the value of eyewitness evidence and address its implications.The purpose of a presentation is to share information with the audience about your project. In addition, this presentation should also demonstrate to your professor that you understand the problem, plausible solutions, and the state of current research. The research paper will be attached below that your presenting. Each slide should include key points (approximately 3-5 bullet points), be formatted consistently, be free of distracting animation or transitions, and use appropriate fonts. To avoid reading from slides, please put your presentation notes or transcript in the Notes section for each slide. The presentation should be basic and easy to follow. • Follow the formula for success: 1/4 of your slides should be allocated for the introduction, 1/2 should be devoted to the literature review, and 1/4 of the slides should be dedicated to the discussion and conclusion.*NOTE* keep the powerpoint under 100MB Also, a template for each slide will be attached below for help and reference if needed. However, you can design the powerpoint however you like.*Note* no title slide is needed first slide should be the introduction and the last slide should be the reference.

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