What still needs work, and how would you suggest the writer revise to correct that problem?

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Writing Project 2 peer review will help you analyze your paper better and help your partner revise his/her draft for final submission. Happy reviewing! Prof. L View the following Videos DUE DATES: Rough Draft Due: Monday Response to Partner Due: Thursday DIRECTIONS: By Monday submit your rough draft of Essay 2. You can copy paste it into the discussion board or (preferably) attach it as a file. You will click “Create Thread” and attach your draft in a similar way as you have done for discussions or annotation in the past. Look for who your assigned peer review partner is, and complete your review of their draft. Click Reply on their discussion board thread and reply to let your classmate know you will be reviewing their paper. Please choose a paper that does not have a reviewer already. Download the rough draft, and make comments on it. You can use the insert comment function on word, or you can simply write your comments in red. On the last page, please respond to the following questions: Does the author present the issue in his or her introduction? Is the attention grabber effective? Is the background information (introducing the articles) sufficient? In the thesis, does the writer clearly make a claim about which author presented a stronger argument and why? Does the writer give specific examples from the text to explain the argument? Are there at least two examples per body paragraph? Does the writer explain how these examples either make the argument stronger or weaker? Is there a clear comparison being made between the two writers? Are all examples from the articles cited properly with in-text citation? Is the paper formatted in MLA style? Is there a works cited page in the end? Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought? Are there any obvious/distracting grammatical or structural errors? What is this paper’s greatest strength? What still needs work, and how would you suggest the writer revise to correct that problem? Hit “Reply.” Attach the draft with comments and the questions answered so that your partner can review them and make changes to his or her essay before the due date This is due Thursday to ensure ample time for your partner to review and revise their draft before submission on Sunday. Happy Reviewing! DISCUSSION BOARD GUIDELINES Initial posts are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Response postings should be completed no later than Thursday at 11:59 PM Pacific Time The key to a strong peer review is effort. Therefore, it is expected that you will leave comments on your partner’s work and answer all the peer review checklist questions fully. Additional Prompts are due by SATURDAY at 11:59 PM Pacific Time Please note that posting all, or the majority, of your replies on the last day of the discussion after 6:00 pm will be considered for point deduction since this greatly decreases the interaction and impact of your posts. Interaction is the key to a productive and meaningful discussion between you, your peers, and your instructor, so your goal and approach should be meaningful interaction rather than meeting minimum point requirements.

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