Discuss whether you are passionate about driving sustainable change through entrepreneurship and technology?

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Background to the ProjectAre you passionate about driving sustainable change through entrepreneurship and technology? Business School invites motivated and ambitious individuals to embark on an exciting PhD research journey exploring the nexus of international entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). – Research Overview:This ground breaking PhD opportunity delves into the dynamic world of international entrepreneurship, where emerging technologies meet the global pursuit of sustainable development. As part of the University vibrant research community, you’ll be at the forefront of addressing critical global challenges while contributing to a sustainable future. – Why this Research Matters:International entrepreneurship is the engine of global economic growth, and emerging technologies are its fuel. Yet, in an era defined by pressing sustainability concerns, how can international entrepreneurs leverage these technologies to contribute meaningfully to the SDGs? This research seeks to answer this question, offering insights that can transform business practices, shape policy, and drive positive societal impact. – Key Research Areas:* Leveraging Emerging Technologies: Explore how international entrepreneurs strategically adopt and apply emerging technologies to align their ventures with the SDGs.* Sustainable Development Impact: Assess the real-world impact of technology- driven international entrepreneurial ventures on economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability.* Ethical Considerations: Examine the ethical implications of entrepreneurship and technology adoption in the context of sustainable development. – Notes* Please adhere to the proposal structure as per the attached file. The report may not exceed 3,000 words (not including the bibliographical references).* Please if you can paraphrase the proposal topic. you can suggest the paraphrased topic and text me back to give you my consent.- This PhD proposal will be presented to the University / College of Business, Management and Social Sciences.- Please contact me anytime if you have any further question

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