Identify the specific public sector organization (public sector department, agency, bureau, district, and so on) where the project will be based.

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Assignment Introduction In essence, a project is a collection of tasks needed to carry out an objective of the organization. Some projects will be based in a single organization, while others might require the engagement of multiple organizations. In the latter form, we are likely to see a single organization assume the lead to have more effective coordination. The individual tasked with the lead role is defined as the project manager. Project management can involve any number of topics. Some examples might be: Creating and implementing a new inspection program. Creating and implementing a new training program. Developing a multi-organizational collaborative service delivery program. Building a new facility. For this assignment, identify a project to focus on this term. Along with the project you select, identify the specific public sector organization (public sector department, agency, bureau, district, and so on) where the project will be based. The organization must be real. As for the project, you can use one of the examples above (be specific as to the new program), use organizational documents to identify a project that is aligned with organizational goals, or simply create a project proposal you believe would be interesting to work on during the term. It is highly recommended you review the later assignments in this course to provide some points to consider when selecting your topic since you will use the same project throughout the course. Assignment In a 3–4 page paper, address the following: Identify a specific public sector organization and project. Evaluate the project’s ability to meet the needs of the organization. Evaluate individuals or groups directly involved in this project. Provide examples of potential challenges in creating and sustaining effective communication. Evaluate potential challenges that would influence the completion of this project. Provide specific examples. Evaluate potential funding challenges associated with completing this project. Provide examples of how adequate funding would be made available.

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