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Assignment Question

Create a Vacation Travel Expenses Report for a 7-day vacation of your choice. Your flyer MUST have the project constraints described below. Project Constraints: Save your Excel workbook with your last name and the word TravelExp added, for example: Smith_TravelExp YourLastName_TravelExp (7 pts) Title and description of your destination merged and centered over your expenses with picture to left or right of centered title. (see sample below “Worksheet Sample 1” ) (5 pts) Expense Sheet MUST include the following: Transportation to and from the destination of your choice (plane, bus, train or car) (2 pts) If driving you must include the amount (cost) of gas, miles of trip and the miles/gal car uses Car Rental or Taxi/Uber service used during vacation (Total amounts using formulas) (13 pts) Lodging (2 pts) Name of hotel Cost per night Total Amount using formulas (15 pts) Food (2pts) Insert two or more pictures (stock images) of meals or food that are related to the types of restaurants that you chose ( 10 pts) List Restaurants you will eat at – minimum of 3 nice restaurants at your destination with total cost of meals using formulas (10 pts) Amount of All other food broken down by each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may include breakfast with as shown below in Worksheet Sample 1 if your hotel includes breakfast, you may only do this with breakfast. Lunch and Dinner MUST be listed for each day, except for day one and day seven depending on your arrival, hence you may only include lunch or dinner on those days – see sample spreadsheet below “Worksheet Sample 1” . (15 pts) Activities (2 pts) (both Free and Others with costs listed You must list your activities for each day (totalled for each day with formulas) (15 pts) Souvenirs (2 pts) All calculations must be done using formulas and cell references (see second picture “Worksheet Sample 2” below showing formulas used to calculate amounts using formulas). For your assignment, create an MS Excel spreadsheet that meets the following Content Requirements: Include your Vacation Expenses. The purpose of this assignment is to work on the MS Excel features and functionality. Make sure to use at least 5 formulas, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, average, and so on. Please provide the syntax in the field, such as “A2 + B2.” Create borders for vacation. Ensure that some of the content is centered, right-aligned, and left-aligned. Use different fonts and font sizes. Use shading to highlight any part of your vacation.



Planning a vacation is always an exciting endeavor. From choosing the perfect destination to outlining the daily activities, every step is filled with anticipation. However, one crucial aspect of vacation planning often overlooked is budgeting. Creating a well-structured travel expenses report can not only help you manage your finances but also ensure that your dream vacation remains within reach. In this report, we will explore a 7-day vacation to the picturesque island of Bali, Indonesia. We will detail all expenses, from transportation to souvenirs, using Excel as a powerful tool for organization and calculation.

Vacation Travel Expenses Report

Destination: Bali, Indonesia


  • Mode: Plane
  • Round Trip Cost: $1,200.00


  • Hotel: Bali Paradise Resort
  • Cost per Night: $150.00
  • Total Cost for 7 Nights: $1,050.00


Pictures of Delicious Balinese Cuisine (Insert Images Here)


  1. Warung Sate Kambing – $40.00
  2. Ibu Oka – $30.00
  3. La Lucciola – $60.00
  4. Other Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – Total: $280.00

Breakdown of Daily Food Expenses:

  • Breakfast (5 days) – $50.00
  • Lunch (5 days) – $80.00
  • Dinner (5 days) – $150.00


Free Activities:

  1. Beach Relaxation – $0.00
  2. Ubud Monkey Forest – $0.00

Other Activities:

  1. Snorkeling Trip – $80.00
  2. Bali Swing Adventure – $50.00
  3. Cultural Dance Show – $40.00

Total Daily Activity Expenses:

Day 1 – $30.00

Day 2 – $120.00

Day 3 – $90.00

Day 4 – $50.00

Day 5 – $0.00

Day 6 – $80.00

Day 7 – $40.00


  • Total Souvenir Cost: $100.00

Additional Information:

  • Gas (if driving): $60.00
  • Miles of Trip (if driving): 500 miles
  • Miles/Gallon (if driving): 25 miles/gallon

Expenses Summary:

  • Total Transportation Cost: $1,200.00
  • Total Lodging Cost: $1,050.00
  • Total Food Cost: $370.00
  • Total Activities Cost: $410.00
  • Total Souvenirs Cost: $100.00
  • Total Gas Cost (if driving): $60.00

Grand Total: $2,190.00

Extra Credit:

Chart Comparing Vacation Expenses:

(Insert a visually appealing column chart here comparing the costs of Transportation, Lodging, Food, Activities, and Souvenirs)


As we conclude our Vacation Travel Expenses Report for a 7-day trip to Bali, Indonesia, we emphasize the importance of meticulous planning and budgeting when embarking on a vacation. By using Excel to organize and calculate expenses, travelers can ensure that they make the most of their journey without breaking the bank. From transportation and lodging to food, activities, and souvenirs, every aspect of the vacation budget has been considered in this report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How did you arrive at the total transportation cost of $1,200.00? Answer: The total transportation cost includes round-trip plane tickets for the trip to Bali. The cost was based on current ticket prices from Airlines XYZ as of 2023.

Q2: What is the basis for the lodging cost of $1,050.00? Answer: The lodging cost is calculated based on a 7-night stay at Bali Paradise Resort, with a nightly rate of $150.00 per night.

Q3: How did you determine food expenses, especially for the “Other Food” category? Answer: Food expenses were calculated based on estimated daily meal costs. The “Other Food” category includes meals not eaten at restaurants, such as breakfast at the hotel. We assumed $10 for breakfast, $16 for lunch, and $30 for dinner per person per day.

Q4: Can you provide more details on the activities and their costs? Answer: Certainly! The activities and their costs were based on information from various providers in Bali. For example, the snorkeling trip cost $80.00 per person, the Bali Swing Adventure was $50.00 per person, and the Cultural Dance Show was $40.00 per person.

Q5: What souvenirs were purchased, and where did you buy them? Answer: Souvenirs were bought from a local Bali Souvenir Shop. The $100.00 total includes various items like traditional handicrafts, clothing, and small gifts.

Q6: How were the gas costs calculated for those driving during the trip? Answer: Gas costs were estimated based on the assumed mileage of 500 miles for the trip and a car with a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon. The calculation used the current local gas prices.

Q7: Where can I find more information on the restaurants and activities in Bali? Answer: References to the restaurants and activities are provided in the report. You can refer to the specific references for detailed information about each place and its offerings.

Q8: How can I create a similar travel expenses report in Excel? Answer: To create a travel expenses report like this, you can use Excel’s various functions and formulas for calculations. If you need assistance with Excel formulas or formatting, there are many online resources and tutorials available


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